Out of this world Yellow Squash Casserole — to die for! Packed with a lot of healthy ingredients, and still tastes great without the cheese if you prefer. A super comfort food that you can prepare ahead of time and pairs with anything.

yellow squash casserole
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stir fry brown rice
Stir-fry Brown Rice
A quick and delicious
meal – especially with
instant brown rice on
pulled pork sandwich
Pulled Pork

delicious... a classic
plus added coleslaw!

lamb chops
Lamb Chops
Done right, these chops
are not gamey. Cook a
side of asparagus in the
pan drippings... yum!!
chocolate mousse

Rich, smooth...
ultimately delicious.
cheaters chili
Cheaters Chili
A fantastic dish thrown
together in 15-20
minutes. Absolutely

split pea soup
Split Pea Soup
A comforting, hearty
and nutritious soup
for those winter days.

There are just some things for the kitchen I cannot do without!