Mac & Cheese — a universal favorite, but try this creative intermingling of penne pasta, tomatoes, cheeses and basil for a yum-a-licious alternative — Tomato Basil Mac & Cheese! For that sweet tooth... lets cut the fat and calories and make some simple, satisfying and absolutely delicious Healthy Donuts.

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Chicken with Coconut Milk Gravy
Peach Cobbler
Summertime excellence
of simplicity... fresh
peaches with a crusty
Chicken with Coconut Milk Gravy
Chicken/w Coconut
Milk Gravy

Oh my goodness... and
this chicken has all the

Layered fruit salad
Sweet Tea Freeze
A delicious summer
treat... people will freak
out, it's so delicious!
Layered fruit salad
Layered Berry &
Melon Salad

Fresh, cool, delicious,
beautiful... what more
could you want?
Missouri Cookies
Missouri No
Bake Cookies

A fun and delicious
cookie recipe the
kids will love.

Potato Salad
Potato Salad
There's potato salad,
and then there's potato
salad... try it, you'll
like it.

There are just some things for the kitchen I cannot do without!