Best, supper-healthy Stuffed Bell Peppers you will ever have. Eat them hot from the oven or freeze them, just as good. Serve with salad tossed in fresh olive oil, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, garlic salt, and pepper. Grill slices of whole wheat sour-dough bread, buttered, rubbed with fresh garlic and Parmesan cheese. Oh yummy!!

stuffed bell peppers
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sweet potato cakes
Crispy Sweet
Potato Pancakes

A nutricious meal that is
totally appealing to kids
and adults alike.
mexican macaroni and cheese
Mexican Macaroni
& Cheese

A tasty spicy twist on an
American staple -- really

salmon dip
Salmon Dip &
Spread, Icy
Arnold Palmer

Yummy Salmon and a
favorite summer drink.
corn flautas
Corn Flautas
My favorite! Pan fried
rolled tacos... good,
and crispy.
Richly delicious.

summer squash soup
Summer Squash

An absolutely delightful
soup from the abundance
of summer's garden.

There are just some things for the kitchen I cannot do without!